Radeon HD 7950 Equilash 180 H/s Overview and Profitability ...

Stock Hashrate for Multiple GPU's

Hello Reddit
I'm hoping some people here could post me their Stock Hashrate's and Power Consumption for the cards listed below. I have looked around multiple forums and found multiple answers so I'm trying to collaborate up-to-date information that others will also find useful! From this information, I can work out the Hash per Watt to find the most efficient card for you all.
Please post with (if possible):  
Card > Manufacture and Model (with Ram) > Ethereum Hashrate (Mh/s) > Power Usage > Other Info
Card Manufacture and Model Ethereum Hashrate (Mh/s) Power Consumption (Watts) Other Information Hashrate per Watt
GTX 960 EVGA GTX 960 FTW 10.5 75 Ubuntu 0.14
GTX 970 EVGA GTX 970 SC 19 150 Overclocked 0.126666667
GTX 970 EVGA GTX 970 FTW 20 160 Overclocked 0.125
GTX 1050 Ti
GTX 1060 Asus ROG Strix 1060 19.5 65 0.3
GTX 1070s Nvidia GTX 1070 Laptop Card 25.7 180 Laptop Card 0.142777778
GTX 1070 EVGA GTX 1070 FE 8GB 25.9 125 0.2072
GTX 1070 EVGA GTX 1070 SC 26 123 0.211382114
GTX 1070 EVGA FTW 8GB 25 140 0.178571429
GTX 1070 Palit GTX 1070 FE 8GB 26 105 65°C (OC +800 MHz Mem, +0MHz Core, Power 70% = 31.5Mh/s) 0.247619048
GTX 1070 Asus ROG STRIX 1070 25.1 Ubuntu
GTX 1080 MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR 8G OC 20.1
GTX 1080 TI EVGA FTW3 1080 Ti 31
GTX 1080 TI PNY 1080 Ti XLR8 31 225 0.137777778
GTX 1080 TI EVGA Founders 1080Ti 36 250 0.144
GTX 1080 TI GeForce Founders 34 200 0.17
HD 7970 MSI Radeon HD 7970 3GB 12.5
R9 280X Sapphire Dual X 12
R9 290 Sapphire R9 290 26.6
R9 290X MSI 290x Gaming 29 200 0.145
R9 390 MSI Gaming 8GB 31 250 0.124
R9 390X Sapphire Tri X - 390X 1055/1500 Memory 8GB 31.4 250 0.1256
R9 390X Sapphire R9 390X 8GB Nitro 30
R9 M390X R9 M390X 18 Laptop
RX 460
RX 470 MSI Radeon RX 480 4GB 24.5
RX 470 Sapphire Radeon RX470 Nitro OC 4GB 22
RX 470 Asus ROG Strix RX 470 20
RX 480 XFX Radeon RX 480 4GB 20.5
RX 480 MSI 480X Gaming X 8G 24.8
RX 480 Arctic Mono Cooler Mod 23 140 0.164285714
RX 480 RX 480 8gb Gigabyte G1 gaming w/ Samsung Memory 27 105 0.257142857
RX 480 MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G 24.8
RX 560
RX 570 Asus ROG Strix 570 OC 4GB 24 93 0.258064516
RX 570 Sapphire Pulse RX570 4GB OC 24
RX 570 Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 570 4GB 24.5 140 0.175
RX 570 Gigabyte RX 570 consistent 26.9
RX 580 Powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8GB 24 145 0.165517241
RX 580 XFX GTS Black Core Edition RX580 22.4
RX 580 Asus RX 580 O8G 24
I will update this post as the info comes in. Thanks you to all who contribute.
If this information is useful to you, a beer (or two) would be nice!
Bitcoin 1MkpsTiqVgiq2TXM2yF4is4HVzCmFpcoi6
Ethereum 0x704826a9fff6580ed71f19dd52ce980946cd3645
ZCash t1Y8fLc4TGHzkKw8cQQ9CX6doEqngef1ACa
Up-vote if this is/was useful for you so others can see.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 259 - Guest Post: Clarifications and Thoughts on Dogeparty and the Community

Hey all, GoodShibe... on Vacation!
Today's Guest Post comes to us from pseudopseudonym and they've put a lot of work into it, so please lend them your ears [eyes?] ;D)
Disclosure statement: I am not a Dogeparty or Dogecoin developer. I am currently holding a total of 98.566 XDP and own 55 Dogeparty assets, none of which I have profited from (nor plan to profit from) in any way. I recently took on the role of Community Manager for Dogeparty, which is an unpaid position.
I have been involved in Dogecoin since the fairly early days and have always been proud to be part of this community, even in a small way. Like many of you I’ve seen us grow and blossom through various events, and recently shared in the pain of loss with you all. My experience with Dogecoin so far consisted of mining hundreds of thousands of Dogecoin with a Radeon 7970, purchasing an R9 280X and never getting to use it due to being hospitalized. In my entire time in the Dogecoin community, one of the most controversial things I witnessed was Dogeparty.
Many aspects of Dogeparty have created confusion. For the first week or so it was discussed on the subreddit, I viewed it as a weird distraction that I couldn’t properly understand. Over time various aspects of it became clear to me - Proof of Burn, what it was to be used for, the relationship (or lack thereof) that it had with Dogecoin and why Dogecoin was being used by the developers. If you’re currently confused, hopefully this post is for you!
Dogecoin and Dogeparty are both very new technologies and are somewhat experimental. Dogeparty builds on the Dogecoin blockchain and enables for the secure transmission of tokens and assets between users, as well as a lot of other cool stuff. Assets can be used for just about any purpose you can think of; and cost 0.5 XDP to produce. Just over a month ago, a “burn” period was started where people could send DOGE to a provably unspendable address in exchange for XDP. About 1.85 billion DOGE was exchanged for XDP over that burn period. You can read more about Dogeparty and what it does on the Dogeparty website - it does a better job of explaining it than I can.
Exchanging DOGE for XDP serves a single purpose: creating value for the XDP tokens. It is not intended as a way of reducing inflation for Dogecoin, nor is it a way of taking DOGE away from Dogecoin users. As a result of the burn, there is now plenty of XDP to go around, which will hopefully enable lots of innovative projects in the future. We’ve already seen a lot of interesting things going on in Counterparty - Storj, LTBcoin and Swarm just to name a few.
Lots of exciting things are happening with Dogeparty right now. With the burn over, the decentralized exchange in Dogeparty should be coming online soon, and many of the initial teething issues Dogeparty faced are over. There is still a lot of work to be done, and it’s early days for Dogeparty - if you want to help, feel free to join the Skype discussion, use Dogeparty and report bugs to the project on GitHub.
Recently a post was made by a prominent community member sharply criticizing Dogeparty in various ways. While the post was largely dismissed, it raised some points that need addressing.
We’re always seeking new developers and contributors. If you’re interested in helping out, we’d love to hear from you, especially if you know Python!
As ever, I’m excited to be on this rocket with you all, and I look forward to seeing everything the community can do. If you have any questions about Dogeparty or just want to chat, feel free to ask in the Skype chat or on IRC (I’m Gnomethrower on #dogecoin) or right here on Reddit. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have, and relay anything I can’t to the Dogeparty team. I will leave you with this thought: “If we turn a blind eye to that which we do not know, we will never see past the horizon”.
With the amount of technologies and talent in the Dogecoin community, I can’t wait to see what we’ll do next. To the moon!
It's 8:03AM EST and we've found 92.97% of our first 100 Billion DOGEs - only 7.03% remains until we reach our soft cap! Our global hashrate is on the rise from ~744 to ~769 and our difficulty is up from ~7215 to ~9391.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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When to Stop GPU Mining.

The 7970 is, from what I can tell, the best $/(MH/s) and most efficient GPU miner out there. I didn't do all of the comparisons necessary though - so there may be one better.
The question is, at what point does bitcoin-mining on a 7970 no longer make financial sense?
This is really simple math, and I hope we can avoid a lot of this question being asked over and over again by showing how simple it is.
The following assumes a miner is receiving a roughly equitable share of its contribution to the network's hash power (ie through a pool, if you're GPU Mining or considering getting in to mining) these things will be true.
Variables you can edit.
That's it, actually. Everything else is just the protocol specification. So here we go...
Question 1: What is the daily cost of operation for a 7970 (not including the rest of the computer)?
Operating Costs = 0.0161 BTC
Question 2: How much of the network will I have to capture with my card to earn at least 0.0161 BTC per day?
  • The network yields approximately 3600 BTC per day (25 bitcoin / block * 6 blocks per hour * 24 hours per day)
  • 0.0161/3600 = 0.0004472%
Answer: The card must be capturing 0.0004472% of the total network to earn at least 0.0161 BTC per day.
Question 3: How big does the network have to be before the 7970 is no longer profitable?
  • The 7970 operates at a reported 650MH/s
  • This will remain profitable until 650MH/s is less than 0.0004472% of the total network.
  • 650(MH/s) / 0.000004472 = 145.3 TH/s
Answer: The 7970 will be profitable until the total network hashrate exceeds 145.3 TH/s.


This is just an easy maths model you can use to apply to any question you may have with regard to the 'potential profitability' of your current graphics card or even your potential ASIC purchase. If you know how much hashing power the card has, and what its power draw is, it is trivial to determine at what point your miner will no longer be profitable.
This is not a predictive model of when on the calendar your device will be obsolete, however. And one thing you may notice about the inclusion of the BTCUSD price in this model is that as BTCUSD goes up so will the costs of operation go down. If your power is cheaper than $0.15 or even free, it could last for a little while yet.
However, to give you a glimpse inside my crystal ball as it were, my models would suggest that a 7970 will be obsolete in the third or fourth week in April if BTCUSD were to maintain at $90 and power costs at $0.15/kWh.
Happy mining.
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Ron Paul is making me money. Sort of.

I have 3.3 RonPaul Coins. These are like Bitcoins, but called RPC. I've generated this 3.3 amount by simply running a program on my computer. At present, my 3.3 RonPaulCoins are selling for around $113 USD. It was up to $127 earlier.
If I wanted to sell my RonPaulCoins, I'd go to www.coinedup.com, put them up for sale, someone buys them, sends me bitcoin as payment ($113 worth of bitcoin). I then take this bitcoin and sell it to one of many places that exchange it for cash.
For example www.bitcoinbrains.com - a STORE in Kensington. A physical store. I willl take the bus there with my coins on a flash drive, then transfer them to the guys at the store and leave with my money.
For now, I hold on to my RPC. (note: Ron Paul has absolutely nothing to do with any of this and it's likely he doesn't know of its existence. It's just the name of the coin the team of ppl who made it went with)
Just wanted to share, something I've been up to lately. Did you even know we had a local BRICK AND MORTAR bitcoin exchange store? I've been interested in nothing but bitcoin, litecoin, cryptocurrency, alt coins, the whole package, for the past month or so. It's so addicting! I sold some stock and bought a MSI 7970 video card. It has a hashrate of around 730kh/s. It's a start
HEY if you have any questions about bitcoin anything I can try and answer them. I'm by no means an e-leet pro yet, but I'm learning.
tldr; just read it.
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Informative post about Feathercoin

Seeing how this Subreddit is lacking any sort of info on Feathercoins and the lack of community support we have, I have decided to start a post that would inform newbies about Feathercoin and seasoned vets on the best places to trade.
It is a Crypto Currency that was started by Peter Bushnell. It is a clone of Litecoin (This coin was inspired by Bitcoin). The Feathercoin network generates coins at a decreasing rate. It will generate about 336 million coins which is 16 times more than that of Bitcoin and 4 times more than that of Litecoin. Currently about 25 million coins have been generated.
Network hashrates, Pools, Solo mining:
Currently a mid end system comprising of 7870 or 7970 will get you abot 400 to 700 kh/s. That means that in a given day you will be mining about 7 to 13 Feathercoins on current difficulty level. However If you mine alone that is solo mining, the probability of you finding a block is hard and it may take a while before you make a coin. To counter this people have started making pools to increase the chances of finding blocks. There are many pools that allow you to have multiple workers so you can setup multiple systems and mine at your leisure. Currently some of the popular pools are:
For a full list of mining pools: http://coinpools.sdfg.org/ftc
It is highly recommended to join a pool to make mining profitable. Look at the pools posted above, look at their fee structure, their payout and make an informed decision on which pool to join.
Hardware and Mining:
Feathercoin utilizes scrypt based mining that is you can use your GPU (the Graphics card inside your system) to mine them. AMD Cards are highly recommended as they output higher hashrates as compared to Nvidia. To give you an idea of the difference a 7870 ghz edition mines at about 375 kh/s whereas a Nvidia 780ti would mine at about 224 to 300 kh/s. If you are seriously considering in investing in this venture it would be best to buy a rig that supports 6 GPU's and buy either the 7950 or the 280x as they have considerably higher hash rates and are affordable to say the least. Something one should be aware of is that mining produces a lot of heat as your system is basically running at full capacity and therefore needs a lot of cooling. People usually build rigs in the open (no case) and use household fans to cool them. Also another thing that is common is to use PCIe risers as they allow greater spacing between GPU cards and effectively help in dissipating heat. Mining uses a lot of electricity so it is best to use a schedule to mine or if electricity is cheap then 6 7950's running 24 hours a day would cost you about 12 to 18 dollars in electricity a month, maybe more depending on where you live. The software to use for mining are Cgminer (https://litecointalk.org/index.php?topic=6925.0), guiminer scrypt (http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php?topic=961.0) and cudaminer for Nvidia cards. I would advise against Cpu mining as that is not profitable and will simply weigh you down. Invest 250 to 350 dollars in a good AMD GPU and you will be mining much more effectively.
There are many places where one can trade Feathercoins but only a few of them offer FTC/USD exchange. Btc-e (https://btc-e.com/exchange/ftc_btc). Is one of the biggest cryptocoin trading exchanges, it does not offer USD exchange for Feathercoins as of yet but allows you to exchange for Bitcoins. Crypto-trade (https://www.crypto-trade.com/trade/ftc_btc), this trading exchange allows you to trade against the USD making it more favourable to miners however there is currently a lack of volume for FTC as of writing. Other exchanges like Cryptsy, Bter and coins-e are all good but they are heavily dependent on Bitcoins and Litecoins for now.
My thoughts
Feathercoin is fairly new and its gaining momentum, once big exchanges start listing it against the USD, the venture will become more profitable. For now it is advisable to mine as many as you can and sit on them till value improves or if you have a mining rig that is mining at 22000 kh/s (this will get you about 500 feathercoins a day) then mine the shit out of them and trade them for Btc for profit although I would recommend against this as it it reduces the value of feathercoin. Many exchanges allow you to deposit money via international wire transfers however the minimum is 2000 dollars so keep that in mind before investing real money into this venture. There are alternatives like paypal and okpay that are also accepted but not a lot of people have accounts on those so signup for a website that suits your situation.
One last ting we all need to do is spread awareness about Feathercoin, It is a miners coin and the difficulty right now makes it so much more interesting to mine. I will update this page with more information and will answer questions if any to the best of my knowledge. Happy mining
My FTC wallet deposit thingy address : 6v1VuL41xGuLG1Bd8usJsuUEkZyac8jKbe
EDIT : I realized some of you might have NVIDIA GPU's and are hesitant on getting AMD. Never fear for there is a solution. If you have a motherboard that supports two or more GPU's that is you have more than one PCIe slots than follow these instructions:
If you intend to game on your system while you are mining then put the NVIDIA card in PCI slot one and buy an AMD card and put it in slot 2. Now install the drivers in the order Nvidia first reboot and then Amd second reboot. You do not need to plug in HDMI to your AMD card just leave it as it is. Now download gpu miner scrypt and select from the list your AMD card and start mining, its that easy. At night if you want to squeeze in more kh/s then run cudaminer and let it mine alongside your AMD. The best part about this is that you can be mining 24/7 on your AMD card and you will not experience any system slow down while gaming or watching movies. Remember to have atleast two workers workers created so you can mine parallel. If you already have an NVIDIA card then just install your AMD card and install AMD drivers and reboot and run guiminer scrypt. At times you might run into the issue of guiminer not starting, just delete it and re install it and it should work fine in 98% of the cases. This is for those who do not want to invest in a completely new system and would rather use their existing system. You can use cgminer as well but remember the order in cgminer starts from 0 not 1 so if NVIDIA is in slot 1 then it is -d0 -g0 and AMD will be -d1 -g1
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Questions on the current status of GPU mining

So I've been following bitcoin for about a year now and really would like to get into mining before the ASICs hit. I've been considering a 3x 7950 or 2x 7970 rig. Is this a smart move? I have money for the rig available right now but would it be worth it??
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Are hashrates from Linux mining on par with Windows?

I asked #[email protected] and the developer of BFGminer responded:
< isuldor> would mining with an ati 7970 on Linux result in a similar hashrate as windows?
< Luke-Jr> isuldor: Linux proper, not yet; but Linux+Catalyst, likely
I had not heard of Catalyst drivers being used in Linux before. Does anyone have any experience with Catalyst on Linux that they can share? Seems like an interesting topic since next week will be about mining.
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Diamond 7970s

Just FYI
If anyone is looking for a reference card, with unlocked voltage, that is a good overclocker, the Diamond 7970 (7970PE53G) is a great buy. It seems like reference cards are going bye bye, also voltages are being locked up on more and more models.
I didn't want to spend another $100 or $150 just to rip off some non-reference cooler.
Started with Sapphire Dual-X 7970, great card and ran very quiet, but was non-reference and some heat issues. Second card was HSI 7970. These had lots of little issues, plus I like to bitcoin mine on the side and the hashrate was TERRIBLE.
After seeing all the other GOOD overclockers/reference cards were sold out, I finally found Diamond 7970s that had it all, but were all sold out.
So I went to Diamond's own website and picked up two for $399.99. Easy as pie. Then I just flashed the GHZ edition on top of them for fun.
Honestly, it took me 3 different RMAs and a lot of searching to find one, cause reference cards are going out of style fast.
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TEST Scanning my STAINLESS Steel BITCOIN WALLET - YouTube BITCOIN GENERATOR Hardware Bitcoin Brain Wallet Generator Bitcoin & Litecoin mining physical setup BitCoin Weekly 3/20/13 $66, Difficulty Doubled, Hashrate Distribution Stable HOW TO BUY BITCOINS with a paysafecard - BITCOINS- - YouTube

It's not needed for bitcoin mining. This will reduce heat. If you haven't already, go into settings and turn on force constant voltage. This dropped my power usage by 100W. Increase power limit to 20. This will allow your card to use more power if needed and makes it more stable. And then, to increase hash rate just slowly increase the core clock and check for stability. If it's still unstable ... bitcoin value,bitcoin price chart,bitcoin price today,bitcoin cash,bitcoin price usd,bitcoin to usd,btc to usd,bitcoin news,btc price,what is bitcoin,bitcoin converter,bitcoin today,bitcoin euro,bitcoin cost,bitcoin investment,bitcoin explained,bitcoin usd,bitcoin to euro,bitcoin chart,bitcoin calculator,bitcoin rate,bitcoin graph,buy bitcoin with credit card,bitcoin mining calculator,btc ... Find hashrate of graphics card's and submit yours to help others. Also find graphics card power consumption, which driver version to choose, tweaks and suggestions. ADD HASHRATE CONTACT ABOUT CALCULATOR HOME. Add hashrate; Home ; Calculator ; About ; Contact ; Hashrate of Graphics Cards. Model Hashrate Algorithm Power (watts) Core clock Memory clock Manufacturer Base MoreInfo; Radeon Rx 480 ... Bitcoin Mining Hd 7970! Largest Cloud Bitcoin Mining Company Bitcoin Mining:! Work From Home Apps 2019! Free GPU Mining, It is the fastest bitcoin mining company that is reliable and easiest way with GPU power. ... calculator,ethereum usb miner,bitcoin mining hashrate,bitcoin mining power,rx 480 hashrate ethereum,nvidia ethereum mining,7970 ethereum hashrate,coin profit calculator,build ethereum mining rig,ethereum coin mining,dual mining ... Genesis Mining, responding to falling bitcoin mining ...

[index] [27671] [42991] [11365] [10565] [12139] [34607] [27162] [7913] [20533] [41460]


Just a quick look over my CGminer..... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue How to buy Bitcoins with a paysafecard. Watch in full screen mode to see all the details. What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http://youtu.be/oBkhPhu3_B4 T... What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http://youtu.be/oBkhPhu3_B4 Test Scanning Stainless Steel BITCOIN WALLET view http://youtu.be/P3Cny4iX-CM Why the block... The hashrate for the Bitcoin is 557 Gh/s using a BFL Jalapeno 7 Gh/s and a KNC Miner Jupiter 550 Gh/s (Oct version). The shelving was a customized yet off the shelf solution that came from ... In this video, acts of aggression/war around the world are discussed, with China, India, Taiwan, and the US (because I live here) being discussed in main. Th...